Meet The Fluffy 10!

Noah: The Little Man With The Big Guard.

Noah is a 4-year-old Parsons Jack Russell who simply forgot to grow but don’t let that sway your impression of this sweet looking little fella, he’s got a lot of bark for a little pup.

Noah’s hobbies include:

  • Barking at the dog next door.
  • An amateur escape artist.
  • Making people feel sorry for him.

Alfie: The One Who Ate Your Treats.

Alf, a believed to be ‘Dachshund X Jack Russel Terrier’ 2 years younger than Noah, Thanks to his dachshund like nose, Alf has a superb sense of smell, allowing him to sniff out any treat you have hidden, high, low or buried.

g hobbies include:

  • Eating sweeties
  • Howling to his favourite song
  • Catching his sleeping daddy off guard to give him big sloppy kisses when daddy sleeps with his mouth wide open.

Nanny: The Queen

Nanny, the oldest member of the bunch at 6 years old. Nanny is not a kitty to be messed with. She is not afraid to throw a punch if you approach her in the wrong way, she once left a baby Noah bleeding all because he sniffed her wrong. Do as she says and wants and you’ll be on the safe side of this little kitty.

Nanny’s hobbies include:

  • Stealing people’s chicken out of their sandwiches or off their dinner plates.
  • Cuddling
  • Hunting

Caspar: The Night Howler

Caspar, 2 years old Siamese cross. Caspar loves to sing and shout at all hours of the morning for no reason at all. DO NOT touch Caspar without Caspar’s invite to do so. He does not like it and will not acknowledge you for the rest of your existence.

Capsar’s hobbies include:

  • Howling and Meowing.
  • Trespassing in the neighbours home
  • Staring into space at the bottom of the garden.

Nev & Nial: The Rodent Godfathers

Nev and Nial, The smallest creatures of the house, Nev and Nial prefer to be left alone, they live amongst the rabbits but really like to watch over the place to make sure everything is in order. Nial is the shy one of the two but it doesn’t stop them both shouting for food as soon as they hear the knife smack the chopping board.

Nev and Nial’s hobbies include:

  • Watching and Listening.
  • Eating.
  • Drinking. They like drinking A LOT.


Healy: The One Putting The Hip Into Hop

Healy was the first of the Rabbit bunch, named after the one and only Matt Healy from The 1975. This isn’t something Healy is proud of but this doesn’t stop him being the baddest coolest bunny in the house, or so he would like to think. Healy is the cross between a lion head and a dwarf.

Healy’s hobbies include:

  • Chasing the Nanny the cat.
  • Jumping onto high surfaces.
  • Pooping on the sofa.

Benji: The Bottomless Bun

Benji loves to eat, his favourite foods being anything and everything. This Lop bunny even jumped on his daddy’s salad plate and covered himself in salad cream to get a taste of that beautiful yummy fresh cucumber. 

Benji’s hobbies Include:

  • Eating.
  • Binkying on blankets.
  • Sleeping.

Olive: The Boss Of The Bunnies.

Olive, the dwarf rabbit, was the third bunny to enter the madhouse, she sure as hell made it clear that she was the boss out of the bunnies and even the dogs. Olive is not a bunny to mess with, she may be the smallest of the bunch but believe me, she is a powerhouse. 

Olive’s hobbies include:

  • Stamping her feet for no apparent reason.
  • Eating out your hand.
  • Cuddling.

Pippin: The Little Princess.

Pippin is the newest bunny of the set. A very fluffy Lion head. Pippin is happy to just eat drink and cuddle. She is the most chilled out bunny of them all.

Pippin’s hobbies include:

  • Staring into space
  • Eating broccoli
  • Cuddling daddy.

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